Secure payment

In case of doubt, the French laguage version of these terms shall prevail.


1. When are you output?

The deadline treatment of your order starts at the time of the account flow. By credit card or Paypal, this flow is immediate and your order is treated the same day.

For the differed payments (check or transfer) the flow will take a few additional days, and will delay  the delivery of your order of the same duration.


2. How to pay?

To pay your purchases, we propose several means of payment to you:


2.1. The payment on line by bank card


For a maximum safety, we chose to use P@iement CIC as solution of protected payment.
The security is done via a technology of coding SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is currently the most reliable and the most widespread on Internet.
Your banking card number and the scratch date are always encrypted and never circulate on the network. The credit cards Visa  and Eurocard-Mastercard are accepted.

P@iement CIC, the solution of protected online payment of the CIC, is certified NCV DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Standard NCV DSS was adopted by the networks MasterCard and Visa to reinforce safety relating to the use and the data storage of the card holders. It is a world standard also supported by other networks charts like American Express, JCB or Diners. This certification testifies the elevated safetylevel of which the thousands profit from tradesmen who trust P@iement CIC. It is an essential component of the chain of confidence which binds our tradesmen to their customers Net surfers. P@iement CIC is developed and maintained by Euro Information, the data-processing subsidiary company of the Group "Crédit Mutuel-CIC" banks.

 “3D Secure” Protocol

To strongly decrease the fraud on Internet andso to increase confidence in the credit card payment and to consolidate the dynamics of the e-business, the French banks agreed to adopt a new rule on the credit card payments on Internet. This rule is based on the protocol “3D Secure” developped finalized by the 2 international cards networks , Visa and MasterCard (denomination Verifed by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code). This protocol has been set up on the platform of payment CyberMut Paiement/PaiementCIC for several years. Within the framework of this protocol,  the customer's bank needs now to control the identity of the card carrier  when he pays by using the platform of protected payment CyberMut Paiement/PaiementCIC. This control is realized by the bank of the customer, directly on Internet, with a method which is appropriate for him ( Pin number, personal information and confidential, case of reading chip,….)


2.2. The payment by Paypal account

If you have already a Paypal account, it is the fastest solution: it will be enough for you, at the end of your order to identify you on the Paypal site to carry out the payment of the order.
If you do not have a Paypal account, you will be always able  you to create one of them quickly and easily.
The Paypal  system of payment is the world's currently extremely protected and the most widespread .

2.3. The payment by check 

You can also pay by check. Fill the check in Euros (€).
Your order will be handled  immediately and we'll send your products  by the reception of your check, the delivery periods will be a little longer than for a credit card payment.
You will find the coordinates for the check at the end of your order.

 2.4. The payment by bank transfer

You can also pay by credit transfer. Your order will be  immediately treated and we shall dispatch your products at the reception of your transfer on our bank account, the delivery periods will be a little longer than for a credit card payment. You will find our coordinates banking at the end of your order.

3. Protected payment

It should be known that the credit card payments on line do not involve from now on more risk than a use in the everyday life, and in particular on our site which, via P@aiment CIC or Paypal, offer all the guarantees of security necessary, with the most powerful technologies of the moment as regards encoding of the data (recall besides that during a traditional use of your bank card, the data are not encrypted: restaurant, store,…)